Saturday, February 13, 2010

Statement of purpose? ☆

I’ve had a slight aversion to keeping any sort of online blog ever since I stopped using LiveJournal. I’m sure that part of it was caused by all the online drama of now distant high school years, part of it by the fact that I was running out of time to catch up on everyone else’s lives, on the countless communities I had joined, but I think there was an even larger part of me that was repulsed by the prospect of divulging my personal thoughts and having them stay open and available (at least to those on my friends list, lalala ) on the Internet as I myself kept changing, constantly rendering those thoughts antiquated and just embarrassing to have around. It would be one thing to be the only one able to track my progress as a human being, but to have that available to other people eventually made me feel ashamed and self-conscious. Also, more and more, I found myself not knowing what to “broadcast” to my circle of both IRL and online friends; the things I really needed to vent out were growing more and more personal, more and more inappropriate for such a medium as an online journal. A time came when I would rather record my thoughts for my own sake in a paper journal, and I have filled up several in these past several years.

At this moment, I would like to start over with online blogging; but rather than typing out my super-private thoughts XD, I would like to, once in a while, post some works-in-progress as well as some thoughts about my art. If I have any other thoughts I'd like to share, I'll post those too. :D When I submit my art to DeviantArt, I rarely ever type up what the piece means to me or some of the important details about the process, etc. I just hit “submit” and hope that, if there really is some message within it, people will try and read into it. I realize now that this kind of approach simply won’t do. I will never dictate to others how they should “read” my art, but I can’t rely on the visual elements alone to carry any intended significance there is, especially when I am still an amateur in that respect. However, I would like to post some of my thoughts here, as I see appropriate; I would like for this to be a discussion space, both for myself and for others (eventually). As I type my thoughts out, I hope to get a better sense of what my art means to me as well as how others see it. I hope to improve the communication inherent in the process.
Some of my "art" was created with no deeper purpose in mind than to be visually pleasing or to be practice material. Some of it, however, is more than that (at least to me, it is). With this in mind, let’s see how this goes~

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