Thursday, March 17, 2011

Sketches from work

Getting ready for C2E2 last minute is not the most awesome experience, and I kind of need a break, so I'll make this bs post, which I actually meant to make a few days ago. :\

I decided to start bringing paper with me to one of my jobs just in case things get slow, and I think it was a pretty good decision---one that saved me a great deal of boredom last week. :P

The first three sketches are from last Thursday--I drew them on Strathmore wet media paper, which feels pretty thin to me, so I'm not sure how well it will actually handle washes, but I guess we'll see~ The last sketch is from Sunday. Would've drawn more that day, but I remember my brain hit some kind of mental wall.

This all feels like recycled imagery to me, but I might return to these later~


  1. Thanks so much for being an awesome neighbor at C2E2, the table space and envelope!


  2. Hey! Love your work! My fiance and I bought a few prints from you on Sunday of c2e2! I was the one who kept "pulling her away" from your table! We'll send you some pics after we get them framed! Thanks again!