Sunday, March 7, 2010

Jui; future "postcards" in jeopardy XD

I finally found my super-crappy sketchbook (the one in which all the "postcards" are born >__>;;), so here's something that's complete bs because it's straight from a reference photo. XD Jui from Vidoll:

I don't know if I'll really keep drawing things like this. Originally, I started the sketchbook to practice getting the shapes/lines/contours down while drawing from references and to experiment with different modes of coloring, but I don't want to keep drawing from professional photography. Even if I deviate from the original photo significantly in the final result, it's still very questionable, from the perspectives of both legitimacy and worth. >__>;;

In other news, the last two weeks of the quarter are here and they're going to be pretty chaotic, so I have to keep suppressing my urge to draw until spring break. ;___;;

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  1. I really like this picture! Please finish it! :D