Friday, February 11, 2011

Cinder + new ink/watercolor

Silly cat. *__* ♥
On the top is something that will eventually turn into my painting for the March exhibition; on the bottom is a shorter-term assignment/project I will share later as long as it doesn't turn out like crap. XD

As a post-Ohayocon art present to myself, I bought these:

So.... convention-going supporters, this is where your money goes. ♥ That and bills. ;__;; I've been contemplating either getting a set of inks like this or a set of watercolors, but decided to go with the inks after all. Partially because Blick was having a nice sale on them. :D

Also....... I found these at Target:

Gypsy is pretty jealous.


  1. HNNNG. Dem inks. Do want. 8'D. I love your art... it never turns out like crap ;A;. SO HUSH.

    ...ThosearesocuteconsideringtheyarefromTarget. ;A; <3<3. I worked there so long and rarely saw adorable things. XD Bad luck me?

  2. those inks AUGHHH cant wati to see ya do something w/ them @ u @ i'm excited!!!