Friday, February 11, 2011

February projects for DPAL //boringboring

Falling a bit behind on updating this blog, oops.

My pieces for the January exhibition at the DuPage Art League (oil version of “Coucher du Soleil” and “Viscera Astralis”) didn’t sell, so now they are back at home, sitting on the stairs above me—a bit lonely, but not offended at all, which is good. :P

The oil version of “Coucher du Soleil” was my first (and only, at least for a while) effort to submit something “sellable” to the DPAL. For the February theme of “Games People Play,” I chose to stray from the more unsettling interpretations and went with something a bit more “mindless”—I wanted to experiment with oils on wood, but not have to spend too much time on it. Soooooooooo--- for the first painting, I redid “Heart Type A.” I rediscovered the original lineart not too long ago and realized that something about the coloring really butchered/concealed the actual linework, which I still kind of liked (hate the colored version, ew ew ew). For the second painting, I needed something fairly effortless so that I could price it under $125 (silly requirements, courtesy of the DPAL), so I decided to go with an idea I randomly got one day while standing around at work. Staring down at my hands in boredom, I saw something that I could work with (and also something naughty enough in implication to spice things up at the DPAL a bit—drastically needed, if you ask me, but also a losing battle).

Won’t  babble on about this here, but I actually really enjoyed working on wood—loved the way the grain of the wood peeked through the layers of paint. Working in this kind of style was infinitely less painful than what I did last month. *__*

I worked on these two a bit more after these photos were taken, but planned on finishing them up completely after getting back from Ohayocon. Due to a massive snowstorm in Chicago, however, my bus trip back was delayed by two days, and I pretty much had to submit them in “unfinished” condition (pretty sure HTA would’ve still looked unfinished even if I touched it up like I wanted to, since I chose to completely skip any kind of background). Fairly certain no one will buy them, so I can work on them a little more after getting them back if I really want to. :)

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